Apr 172005
Authors: Joanna Larez

Student Media 2004 awards:

Collegian newsroom awards

Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 2004 Golden Circle Awards – national

* Third-place certificate for personality profile writing: Sara Crocker

* Certificate of merit for personal opinions: off-campus column writing for newspapers: Adrienne Hoenig, fall 2004 graduate

Society of Professional Journalists 2004 Region 9 Mark of Excellence Awards

* First-place spot news coverage: J.J. Babb

* First-place general news coverage: Amy Resseguie

* Second place in-depth reporting: Jason Kosena, spring 2004 graduate

Collegian advertising department awards

* National Advertising Manager of the Year: Leigh Sabey

* National Sales Representative of the Year runner-up: Jake DiRe

* First-place best display ad/full color

* Second-place best run of press group promotion

* Third-place best display ad/black and white

Campus Television

* First place television sports reporting: Kevin Tappan, Zach Borg, Doug Starkey and Brooke Schledewitz

* First-place television news photography: David Rickles

* First-place television feature photography: Tappan

* Second-place television feature photography: Rickles

* Second-place television news photography: Tappan

* Third-place television feature: Rickles


Broadcast Education Association – national awards

* BEA best of festival: Baker Machado

* First-place newscaster: Machado, John Holland, Marika Krause (graduate fall 2004) and Josh Huesby (graduate spring 2004)

* First-place DJ: Machado

* Second-place DJ: Erik Melander

* Third-place sportscaster: Tyler Krause

* Third-place commercials/ public service announcements/ promotions: Machado

* Second-place specialty program: Braden Dick and Holland

* Third-place comedy/ drama: Michael Moore

Society of Professional Journalists 2004 Region 9 Mark of Excellence Awards

* First-place radio spot news reporting: Marika Krause, Machado, Huseby and Alex Hannum

* Second-place radio spot news reporting: Machado and Hannum

* Second-place radio daily newscast: Hannum

* Third-place radio daily newscast: Elodie Chaplain

National and regional awards are piling up in the basement of the Lory Student Center as students from Student Media are being recognized for their hard work.

In 2004 the Collegian received 10 awards between the newsroom and advertising department, Campus Television earned six and KCSU received 12.

Debbie Lienhart, a graduate student studying journalism and technical communications, is not a Student Media staff member, but she received two awards from the regional Society of Professional Journalists Region 9 Mark of Excellence Awards. She received first place for radio in-depth reporting and first place for radio feature for her grassroots radio work.

Fort Collins was bustling with news in the fall, and staff members of Student Media made the most of the events.

* Riots the weekend before fall classes began.

* Sophomore Samantha Spady's body found in the Sigma Pi fraternity house Sept. 5.

* Shailynne Manning, 14, of Cheyenne, Wyo., was fatally injured while car surfing Sept. 6 in Fort Collins – she was not identified for about three days and died one month after the accident.

* Bennett Bertoli was found dead the weekend before fall finals.

J.J. Babb, a senior technical journalism major, won first place from the regional SPJ awards for spot news coverage of the car-surfing incident.

"I cared so much about the story and there were no reporters around, and someone had to take it," said Babb, the managing editor at the Collegian. "There are some stories that just hit your heart. While you stay objective in covering them your heart breaks each time you read something new about someone hurt or something tragic."

David Rickles, a junior technical journalism major, won first place from the SPJ awards for television news photography of the riots, second place for television feature photography for "CSU Remembers Samantha Spady," and third place for television feature for the same piece.

Rickles got the riot coverage by chance.

"I was just in the right place at the right time," Rickles said. "I'm lucky that I was there."

Aside from the news side, awards were still abundant.

Collegian reporter Sara Crocker received a national first-place award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association's 2004 Gold Circle Awards for a profile story about Frank Haraway, a former Denver Post sports writer and Denver Bears baseball player.

"The scope of it really surprised me most," Crocker said. "The fact that it is national is just like, wow."

Baker Machado, a sophomore speech communication major, won four national and two regional awards for his work as a disc jockey at KCSU. He, like Crocker, is amazed by the scope of his awards.

"I'm still in shock to this day," Machado said. "I just couldn't believe it when I was told I won best of festival. I still feel like it's a dream."

Machado and Crocker both made calls home after they learned of their awards.

"The 'look what Baker has done' magnet has been empty for a while," Machado said. "I had to call my mom to tell her I did something right with my life."

The sophomores brought in the big awards, and some outgoing seniors received awards as their time at CSU as undergraduates dwindles, including Babb and the Collegian's student advertising manager, Leigh Sabey.

"It was very exciting to receive these awards after a year of hard work by the entire staff," said Sabey, a senior business management major.

Sabey won the National Advertising Manager of the Year award.

"It was really a surprise to me," Sabey said. "It really was a great end to my senior year."

The awards are presented in the spring, which can be bittersweet.

"One of the downfalls of spring is that it gets people psyched and energetic, and then it's summer," said Kim Blumhardt, advertising manager at the Collegian.

The hype may fade by the time fall rolls around, but Rickles looks forward to keeping the awards coming to Student Media.

"You work so hard the whole time, and it's nice to get some recognition for it," Rickles said. "Hopefully we'll be able to keep the trend going."

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