Apr 172005

To the people who were clapping when Gorbachev kept saying that there is more poverty in the world today than there was 20 years ago: Please, for the love of God, never ever have children.

Do you ever get the urge to just start climbing the rock walls inside the Clark Building?

Not all cops are uncooperative with RamRide. I got pulled over while working it a few months ago, and the cop walked up, saw our shirts, laughed and told us to have a great night (and the kid in the back was drunk and only like 12 years old).

OK, so I was filling my taxes out last night online. On a form one question asked, and I quote, "are you legally blind?" All I have to say is…wow…

Did anyone find my Chapstick in the Clark Building? I think it was cherry flavored.

Sometimes when my roommate goes home on the weekends, I like to dress up in his clothes and sleep in his bed. Is that weird?

I always get uneasy when the water pressure on the water fountains goes down when someone flushes a toilet…speaking of toilets, what the heck is that smell outside Clark C?

To the three lovely ladies who went streaking near the rec last night: You did it all wrong. How are you supposed to get anyone's attention when you silently run across campus? I missed most of it … could you streak again possibly?

When, at the beginning of a concert or play, you're politely told to turn your cell phone off, don't be a scene-ruining dip and ignore it, especially if you have a "Redneck Woman" ringer.

So, my roommate says to me the other day, "I never understood the line, 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' I mean… the heart is above the stomach"

President Gorbachev: President Bush settled the chaos in Russia.

CSU Audience: (Cricket Chirps)

President Gorbachev: President Bush must be careful not to abuse his power.

CSU Audience: (Standing Ovation)

Where is the respect and trust in the leader of our country?

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