Apr 172005
Authors: Lindsay Reiter

The anti-abortion group Justice For All will display giant posters of aborted fetuses and other graphic abortion pictures on the Lory Student Center Plaza today and Tuesday.

Justice For All visited the campus in the fall and was met with mixed reactions.

Some students feel that the graphic images are an effective way to prevent women from getting abortions.

"I think it's a good idea," said Aaron Johnson, a sophomore natural resources recreation and tourism major. "A lot of people think about abortion, but they don't really understand what it is. The pictures really lay it out for them."

Other students found the images to be disturbing and unnecessary.

"I'm pro-life and I don't agree with abortion at all. Shock therapy doesn't always work. It gets people talking, but I think it's too extreme," said Jacqueline Diessne, a junior art major. "I know that abortion is killing babies; I just don't want to see it,"

Despite the mixed reaction among students, the organization feels that displaying such graphic pictures is the most effective way to communicate its message.

"Some injustices have to be seen if they are to be believed. Yet injustice is hardly ever visually appealing," stated the Justice For All Web site, www.jfaweb.org.

Justice For All acknowledges that many students will simply avoid the Plaza in an effort to not see the displays.

"Sadly, some will complain about seeing the pictures of abortion violence more than they protest the violence of abortion itself," the Web site stated. "Others will choose to simply ignore it, and/or refuse to engage in a rational discussion."

As in the past, Campus Activities will post a "Free Speech" board for students to write their thoughts.

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