Apr 142005

**I think everyone wants to leave a mark on CSU before they leave … unfortunately for me it was in the form of a vomit stain in front of the stairs on the second floor of Clark C. I hope you find a better way.

**I'm not from Colorado, and I really don't get what's up with these "Croc" shoes. They look really ridiculous. If it's a fad, it's only gonna fly here in Colorado. Are you guys really serious with those? You're not Snoop Dogg, and they ain't gators.

**Why do so many frat houses look so rundown? Could someone please tell me how a self-respecting person could join a frat that looks as bad on the outside. I can only assume inside is worse.

**Studying for an exam and a teacher who gives a 40-page study guide: 10 hours. Paying for a class you don't care about: $500. Watching your teacher have to cancel a test because he didn't make enough tests: Priceless.

**Have you ever noticed that if you rearranged the letters in mother in law, they come out to "Woman Hitler?"

**God Bless America! (Made In China)

**RamTalk is No. 1 on my speed dial, and will remain so until I can meet a girl.

**Sure, if my hands were on top of my head, I could dunk a basketball, but … how would I go pee? I mean, am I right, guys?

**To the guy who is complaining about all the football players: Go to a community college. Signed – a non-athlete who appreciates athletes' commitment.

The other night my friend asked me if one of my cups was clean. I wasn't really listening and just said yes, but then I realized when he went to fill it up with water, it was really dirty. He came back in the room and first thing he said was, "This water tastes funny."

Chicks who have kids never win on ElimiDATE, and I know, because I watch a lot of ElimiDATE.

Does anyone else think its funny that the openings to sewers are called "manholes"?

I think it'd be nice if the Collegian ran a story about the proper protocol for four-way stops. I'd really enjoy going a week without almost getting in an accident because people don't know how the four-way stops on campus work.

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