Campus Blotter

Apr 142005



Theft of projector from Lory Student Center Associated Students of CSU Senate Chambers.


Accident on the Oval.


Assisted with stray dog – returned to owner.


Four Traffic Enforcement and Education Program cites, 18 Bike Enforcement and Education Program cites, LOTS of warnings given.


Call of suspicious vehicle near Newsom Hall – checked out OK.


Alarm at C145 Clark Building caused by maintenance workers.


Two males on a raft in the lagoon were warned.


911 hang-up call at Transit Center phone – no one around on arrival.


Three skaters warned at student center, checked several buildings and did bike patrol in parking lots, assisted Fort Collins Police Services with accident on Shields Street.


Fire alarm at student center – pull station was bumped.


Traffic citation for denied driver's license.


Male found passed out in car on South Drive was charged with liquor and possessing someone else's driver's license.


Found a backpack at Morgan Library – will hold for owner.


Checked all residence halls and several academic buildings.


Contacted a male riding a bike and carrying bolt cutters. Couldn't understand why we contacted him, even with the number of bike thefts around campus.



The CSUPD writes the blotter. The Collegian edits for AP style and size.

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