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Apr 132005

I am writing in response to Tuesday's "Our View," concerning the half-mast flags for the pope. I found the majority of the Collegian's editorial staff's opinion disrespectful, and I disagree. First let me just start with an excerpt taken from the opinion: "The president made an error in this decision. The rules for lowering our country's symbol of freedom do not include people who are not U.S. government officials, unless directed by the president." Think about it.

What about when the president ordered the flags fly at half-staff for Sept. 11, 2001, victims, or how about the Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts? These people were not government officials, and many of them were not U.S. citizens. The lowering of the flag is a show of respect. One does not need to be Catholic or religious to show respect for a man who had many admirable accomplishments during his 26-year papacy.

Showing respect for a religious figure is not a violation of the separation of church and state either, because the pope is a man, a person and a human. During the 1993 World Youth Day, when the pope came to Denver, his visit to our nation was purely unselfish and gave inspiration to thousands of citizens of Colorado and the United States beyond his religious preaching. All in all, what is the big deal? Does the Collegian's staff have a problem with showing respect?

Jared Niswender

Community member

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