Apr 132005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

It's scary when you're only 22 and can remember when it snowed all day, every day, all winter. Then again, a child's mindset does skew memories a little. That was back when it used to feel like the drive from Denver to Boulder was a daylong excursion.

Winter ended months ago here in Fort Collins, and spring has finally tucked it away for good. Sure, maybe we'll get another storm like Sunday's, but does it really count when you have to double your snowball size to stop it from melting before nailing Mary in the face?

The days of good snow have gone into hibernation until next winter, leaving an open space for Arapahoe Basin beach parties and cheese sandwich picnics up in Pingree Park. Ladies are cautiously putting their Uggs into their closets hoping they'll soon release a line of flip-flop- or Jellies-style boots for the warmer months. The outspoken bearded fellow will resume his spot on the Plaza handing out what certain CSU groups like to call "left-wing propaganda." Super Soakers, Hypercolor T-shirts, hammer pants and headbands will probably move back in with the swiftness of the aviator sunglasses.

Now the wait for a kickball field at Rolland Moore Park will be three times as long and we're probably going to have to switch to Wiffle Ball in the back yard. Watching movies in the garage theatre is going to be much more relaxing without having to fatten up the week before in an attempt to keep warm for two movies. Gutter boat-racing season is back on, and boy, are my sticks ever going to take the championship this year.

That's right boys and girls; it's out with the new and in with the old. If protesting life if what you've been doing all winter, it's time to turn off that boob tube and try out those legs again.

Grab your lucky racquetball, put on your throwin' arm, round up 10 of your closest friends and head on down to the local elementary school to play some pickup wall ball. It's springtime, baby, time to load up the cooler with Squeeze-its and kick it in the backyard kiddie pool "Weekend at Bernie's" style. The sun is out to stay kids, and you know what that means: Recess will never be cold again!

Ryan Skeels is a senior forestry major. He is the movie reviewer for the Collegian.

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