To the editor:

Apr 122005

This is in relation to Matt Hitt's article, "Fort Collins Police need to re-examine priorities," from Monday. I think that we can all agree that this is a college town and this is a "big" university and that some students will drink even if we are underage. There is no debate there.

I also agree with Hitt that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 to coincide with the other privileges that we receive at 18. But for now that is not the case, and as citizens of this country we should follow the laws that we have. Yes, we are going to break them from time to time, but that is a risk we all take. Whether it's speeding or drinking underage, it is a risk we take and know that we could be punished for our crime, no matter how severe it is.

Why can't people just accept that? Why are we so quick to blame the enforcer of the laws (who was just doing his job) and not take responsibility for our own actions? They broke the law, they got caught. Now face the responsibilities that come with it. Yes, it was unfortunate that these three students were caught in a school-sponsored vehicle. What message would we be sending to the students if we asked the police to turn a cheek to the law, just for us?

Hitt said that "we can't offer RamRide passengers immunity from prosecution," but what does he want the police to do, to turn a cheek for the Associated Students of CSU? Believe it or not, we students have to follow the laws like the rest of the country, even if we are in college.

Jacob Francis

Freshman political science major

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