Apr 122005


**To the person who was slamming the 200-pound athletes: You should feel fortunate that the football players can bring in millions of dollars to this school. Plus, I don't think that any normal student can spend a week in the shoes of an athlete, balancing both school and putting all the hours toward athletics. Get some school spirit.

**To the person who thinks we should all lose our Kerry stickers … first, George Bush has never been, and will never be, my president. Second, don't gloat – yours is the party of greed, hypocrisy and intolerance. Think about it.

**I would not make love to a belt sander.

**If we have snow days, when it's too crappy to come to class, than why don't we have sun days when it is too nice to go school? Wait … we do have sun days, but that's on Sunday! Forget I said anything.

**Dear "so called"16-rock skipper. Your lies bounce off me like ping-pong balls. Obviously my divine 13-er toss record will never be broken. I'm not a chump either.

**I love how Bill O'Reilly says "the spin stops here" at the end of his show because that's when the conservative spin stops: at the end of his show.

**Yesterday's FYI got caught in my spam folder. It was awesome.

**Uh oh, my Live Strong bracelet just broke. How will I prove to people that don't know me that I am selfless and trendy?

**I think cops should tail the RamRide cars.

**I played beer pong the other night and the ball came to rest in the center of three cups … what do you do with that?? I think it's one of the four horsemen …

**Does anyone else read the blotter for comedy as opposed to the comics? CSU Police Department has way too much time on its hands.

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