Apr 122005
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Emily Jan Kirchem

Sport: Tennis

Year in School: Sophomore

Amazing Stat: Only lost two matches out of 20 in district play in high school.

According to Irish tradition, great things come in threes. The main tenants of this belief reside in the areas of past, present and future; land, sea and sky; love, valor and wit; and faith, hope and charity.

Sophomore tennis player Emily Kirchem is a wee bit Irish. Great things seem to come to her in three's as well, despite her lack of superstition. For instance, Kirchem was just recently named player of the week for the Mountain West Conference for the third time this season, after an undefeated performance at Wyoming in which she netted CSU's only point.

Kirchem's success this year could have been predicted from her rookie performance last year. She was the only CSU tennis player to be named to the MWC All- Conference team.

She also finished off the year as the highest-ranking freshman in CSU history and backhanded her way into record books with the fifth leading winning percentage in school history.

Kirchem also relates to the aforementioned Irish categories of greatness in many ways. When it comes to faith, hope and charity, she puts a lot of faith in her father-her role model.

"I started playing tennis because I watched him and my brother," Kirchem said. "He has always been my second coach."

Kirchem hopes to go visit him and the rest of her family this summer when she returns home to Fairview, Ore., her hometown. She also says she misses the beaches and "definitely" the fresh seafood from home.

She also exhibits charity in being an excellent role model to her fellow players.

"Her hard work and persistence is really inspiring to the rest of us," said junior Jasmine Singh.

When it comes to land, sea and sky, Kirchem dreams of someday traveling to Ireland.

"I have a little bit of Irish heritage and I would like to see the old castles there," Kirchem said.

Kirchem likes hiking and hanging out at Horsetooth Lake when she has some free time, and would take to the sky with the power of flight if she could have a super power.

In terms of love, valor and wit, Kirchem loves chocolate chip ice cream, the song "Clocks" by Coldplay, summer months and the movie "Little Women." She is also a big fan of Mongolian food, the cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake, and a special pair of green pants she got at Old Navy.

She displays valor every time she gets a tennis racket in her hands, according to her teammates.

"She is steady and doesn't have any weaknesses to pick on," said senior Alexandra Paganetti.

Wit is infused in her somewhat eccentric self-described quirk. According to Kirchem, she writes with her left hand, but does everything else with her right.

Kirchem's past and present have been described, but her future is yet to be written. She has two more years to decimate opponents on the tennis court-a prospect that will be exciting to watch in years to come.

After she graduates, however, Kirchem does not know quite what she will do. She has tentative plans to attend graduate school in nutrition, but who knows where the luck of the Irish will take her.

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