To the editor:

Apr 102005

I read the following statement in Thursday's Collegian: "The typical college student's life is complicated enough without having to worry over which requirements a class fills and agonize over graduating on time." The editorial goes on to suggest that this is not the responsibility of the student but of his/her academic adviser.

I honestly had trouble formulating the proper response to this statement. Are you serious? Do you honestly believe that students shouldn't be expected to understand how the courses they are taking fit into the core curriculum or major requirements? What exactly complicates a student's life so much that graduation is merely a trivial concern?

As an academic adviser here at CSU I depend on my students taking an investment in their education, and for the most part, CSU students are exceptionally good at this kind of mature decision-making. I just hope the ones who aren't as motivated and mature don't read your editorial and decide they are justified in thinking that their life, their education, is someone else's responsibility.

Steven Church

Academic Advisor

College of Liberal Arts

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