Apr 102005

So yesterday I stopped to help this old woman change a flat tire. While standing next to a Larimer County deputy, she offered to repay me by sending pot, in the mail, to my dorm room.

To the person on Friday who says that there should be a ban on smoking on campus: Deal with it. There are certain places that smokers usually congregate. If you don't like it avoid them. Or stay inside the buildings as much as possible. We can't smoke there. Grow up and learn we have rights, too.

Why does this school spend vast sums of money on 200-pound students with IQs of 100 rather than 100-pound students with IQs of 200? While Hughes Stadium receives multimillion-dollar renovations, I am using a Styrofoam plate with tinsel taped to it in order to learn about electrostatic fields.

Condoms aren't completely safe. One time my friend was wearing one, and he got hit by a bus.

All right, whose bright idea was it to shutdown Mulberry and THEN start construction on Laurel, a detour route? I'm feelin' the love, are you? Thanks Fort Collins.

Has anyone noticed that marijuana is more illegal than alcohol? So maybe, it should be that way on CSU, just like the rest of the U.S.A.

Is it just me or does the water fountain by the boxing area at the end of the gym smell and taste like something that wouldn't pass a health inspection? Come on, gym employees, Tilex it or something. Please?

The rec center needs to either expand its facilities or its hours. I am getting really tired of guys asking me what "set" I am on every time I sit down to use a machine. Wait!

Get over "HALO" and get into your girlfriends!

Yesterday I skipped a rock 16 times. I make the kid who thought he ruled for skipping a rock 13 times look like a chump.

People, it doesn't matter if marijuana is safer than beer; the bottom line is both are ILLEGAL substances. If anything, the penalties for alcohol need to be raised!

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