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Apr 102005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The Native American Student Association will be hosting its 23rd annual powwow, "Heartbeat of One People," at Moby Arena Saturday and Sunday as part of Native American Heritage Week. While many minority groups have weeks or months dedicated to celebrating their culture and increasing others' awareness of what they do, it is important to remember these groups after their designated day, week or month is over.

The powwow will be an opportunity for Native Americans and others to get together, share culture and meet new people. It is important for students and others on campus to be involved in cultural events, such as the powwow.

However, these events are the ones that tend to receive the most coverage for some minority groups, and they should not be used to perpetuate or create stereotypes. They should be used as recognition of individual and intricate cultures that are unique to each particular minority group.

While the powwow is a celebration of Native American culture, it should also be remembered that Native Americans are people who go to class, work and are visible and everyday life, not just in celebrations that take place on campus.

Within the period of a week or a month, an entire culture and its history cannot fully be explored. These weeks should just be the starting points used by people to explore cultures different from their own.

The powwow will include drumming, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and education and concession booths. It will be an opportunity for CSU students to get out and learn about their fellow students and realize they are around all year.

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