Apr 102005
Authors: Jennifer Johnson

Some students may feel the college years are the most memorable years of their lives, and while they can be stressful at times, it is important to live the college days to the fullest.

"A good motto to living your college days to the fullest is 'work hard, play hard,'" said Anne Trenholm, assistant director of public relations for Associated Students of CSU.

Trenholm, a sophomore speech communication major, said one of the best ways to achieve this balance is by getting involved on campus.

"When you get involved, you have a chance to make new friends, have fun, learn something new and even make a difference," she said. "Students can get involved by partaking in student organizations and clubs, but also by attending various events on campus."

Trenholm said ASCSU provides students with opportunities to enjoy their college days in several different ways.

"First, since it is a student organization it provides means for students to be directly involved on campus, explore new opportunities, become familiar with campus and make a positive impact on their school," she said. "ASCSU also helps sponsor numerous campus events."

Overall, Trenholm said students should challenge themselves to do something they have never done and always be open to exploring new opportunities.

"There are some specific highlights of CSU that I personally suggest such as going on an Alternative Spring Break, taking an elective outside your major, completing the list of '101 things to do before you leave Colorado State' in your handbook and of course taking a lot of pictures to document the fun you've had," Trenholm said.

One of the things senior biology major Drew Keyser would like to do before he graduates is to streak through the Oval.

"I can't think of anything more liberating than running through campus in the nude," he said.

Keyser said it is important for students to live up their college days, although sometimes his hectic schedule tends to suffer from enjoying the college life too much.

"I believe that students should not let school interfere with their education," he said. "Basically, you can only learn so much from a textbook, while experiences are sometimes more important to what we learn in life."

Keyser said with the college days passing by quickly, it is important to enjoy them before they come to an end.

"The real world is not as fun as college, so we need to relax and have a good time right now when we are able to," he said.

Ashlan Geer, junior technical journalism major, said college days are sometimes over-gratified.

"Even though I do think the college years are important, I don't feel that there is much glory in them," she said. "It is a stressful time, and somewhat of a limbo between high school and the real world."

However, Geer also said students should find some time to enjoy activities outside their classes.

"I think that if students are not taking the time to enjoy the other activities that college has to offer, they may start to feel bogged down," she said. 'It is important to do the things that make you happy so you can stay focused on the other aspects of college."

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