Apr 072005
Authors: Justin Jarvis

The current economic situation in the European Union and how it compares to the United States was the focus of a presentation by European Parliament member Marek Siwiec Thursday. The speech, titled "Is the United Europe Capable of Keeping Up With the United States?," drew a crowd of nearly 200 people and focused on the importance of cooperation between the European Union and United States.

The relationship between the United States and European Union is important for the future of a global economy, Siwiec said. The focus should not be on the competition; it should focus on common tasks and goals important to each.

"Cooperation between the U.S. and E.U. can create a success of world order and security," he said.

The aim of this speech was to share what Siwiec sees as the evolution of the European Union, said Ajay Menon, the dean of the College of Business.

"This speech is a strategy in building a globally oriented business program at CSU," he said. "To serve the needs of not just the business school, but also students of liberal arts, engineering, natural sciences and agriculture."

Jeff Engell, a senior finance major, said students can learn from Siwiec's standpoint.

"Students can get a different perspective on the global world we live in," Engell said. "Hopefully we can learn something from it."

Siwiec was elected to a five-year term in the first election for European Parliament in Poland in 2004. He is a member of the National Security Council, and since 2002 he has been a member of CSU's College of Business Leadership Council.

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