Apr 062005

"Douched" is onomatopoeia for the sound of water being splashed against something, so feel free to use it in the paper, and like I said before "I got completely douched by the sprinklers on my way to class."

I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.

Wearing heels with jeans looks ridiculous. However, pale guys are sexy.

Didn't we all learn to look both ways before crossing the street in preschool? Apparently college students need a refresher course.

To all the people who complain about RamTalk … SHUT UP! It is like calling a radio station and telling them that they play crappy music, it's called changing the channel. If you don't like what is in the rant then DON'T READ IT!

They should make a hat for celebrities to put their small dogs in. That would be sweet!

Skills of a speech communication major:

-Playing football

-Getting married

-NOT writing opinion articles!

To the black Acura Integra that cut me off on my bike yesterday on Pitkin Avenue, I hope your head gasket blows while you are in the Mohave Dessert with only one can of Coca-Cola.

The other night my friend asked me if one of my cups was clean. I wasn't really listening and just said yes, but then I realized when he went to fill it up with water, it was really dirty. He came back in the room and first thing he said was, "This water tastes funny."

Chicks who have kids never win on ElimiDATE, and I know, because I watch a lot of ElimiDATE.

I swear if one more person offers me a coupon on the Plaza, I'm going to take it from them and try to paper cut them to death.

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