Apr 062005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Congratulations to the new president, vice president and senators of the Associated Students of CSU. Now that campaigning is over and life on campus is returning to normal, it is time to look toward the upcoming school year and all the opportunities that come with it.

Last year, the student body was shocked by President Larry Penley's decision to remove beer from Hughes Stadium. Regardless of what you think about the decision, the unsettling part of the situation was that Penley did not consult ASCSU, thereby excluding the best chance for CSU students to give input on the situation.

Once the student body was informed of this decision, ASCSU representatives worked tirelessly trying to appease the aggravated students and to abolish the prohibition. Despite these efforts, beer was not reinstated to Hughes Stadium last season, resulting in many students getting more intoxicated before attending CSU home games by guzzling beer before entering the staduim.

The president and vice president-elects can learn from this scenario. As primary representatives of the student body, ASCSU needs to make sure it's included in all decisions pertaining to student life and activities. Every student's opinion counts, and the purpose of ASCSU is to make sure students are represented at the administrative level.

Let's not have another Hughes Stadium experience. ASCSU representatives – make sure Penley knows that you need to have a say in what goes on at this school in order to continue representing the views of the student population. You are our voice, please speak up.

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