Apr 062005
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

At first it was 11 and now it is down to seven. With the dwindling number CSU Idol competitors comes greater performances and greater competition.

Friday marked the second round of elimination in the Association for Student Activity Programming-sponsored CSU Idol competition.

"With less people, the competition is going to be a lot stiffer tonight," said Juli Davis, a junior music major, at the start of last week's competition.

As the competition grew harder, competitors seemed to realize the need to oust the competition and threw in creative, flirty little quirks and fun audience engagement tactics into their performances.

One such playful tactic was freshman open-option major BriAnne Zigich's performance of Ella Fitzgerald's "Fever." Zigich called the MC on stage to sit in a chair as she sang to him and flirted with him throughout the song. Zigich really got the audience engaged and laughing, however, when she accidentally pushed the MC over in an attempt to push away his chair.

Zigich seemed to have a flair for performing and hopes to one day be able to use her talent to do so.

"It's my ultimate dream to sing on Broadway one day," Zigich said. She said the one play she would love to have the lead part in is Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera."

Other notable performances of the evening included sophomore music education major Angel Wint's performance of John Legend's "Ordinary People." The judges seemed "wowed" by her performance, and all gave raving reviews of her singing ability and even questioned Wint about where they could pick up her compact disc.

Keeping in tune with last week's competition, many of the Idol competitors opted to sing songs they had written. One such singer/songwriter/guitar player was Mark Phipps, a sophomore open-option major who started off his song by playfully saying, "This is a tribute to all the guys, looking to take home one of these fine young ladies here tonight." Phipps then launched into a mean series of guitar licks and lyrics about bringing home some love.

While the competition in last week's Idol event grew stiffer, it was clear that it was the competitors themselves who were making it so, through more practice time and well-thought-out performances.

Amanda Berrian, a senior environmental health major who received accolades for being the "best performer of the night," in the first round of competition with her performance of Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine," floored the audience again Friday with her performance of Sheryl Crow's "My Favorite Mistake." Putting on such a show for the audience, however, required some serious practice time.

"I think I prepared more for this (CSU Idol) than I did for my biochemistry test," Berrian said. "I just had the CD in the car with me and practiced every time I drove anywhere."

Students attending Friday's CSU Idol should expect to look for even more polished and more engaging performances from the remaining seven competitors.

CSU Idol will take place at 7 p.m. Friday in the Ramskeller

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