Apr 052005
Authors: Joanna Larez

Today is the last day to vote for Associated Students of CSU president, vice president, senators and two referenda.

The ballots are available on each student's RAMweb homepage until 4 p.m.

The three presidential tickets are Chris Hutchins/Nicholette Andrews, Courtney Stephens/Jon Muller and Nick Paradise/Ryan Dichter. Paradise/Dichter are running as write-in candidates and their names are not on the ballot.

One referendum will allow the ASCSU constitution to be ratified, and the other referendum is in support of making punishments for marijuana use no worse than punishments for alcohol use on campus.

A referendum, initiated by the organization S.A.F.E.R. Choice, is the first student referendum on the ballot since the mid-1990s.

At least 10 percent of the students must vote to ratify the constitution. Updated numbers of votes were not available Tuesday night.

Last year, 5,105 total votes were cast, which was 24.2 percent of the student body. Katie Clausen and Ben Goldstein won as president and vice president by about 800 votes.

In 2003 17.6 percent of the student body cast votes.

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