Apr 052005

You know why I don't think that S.A.F.E.R. thing will pass? I was going to vote on RAMweb, but then I got high, then I got high.

This is a public service announcement for all you ladies out there. Getting a tan doesn't necessarily make you look better. Some of you were made to be pale.

I do agree that Dale Layer is to blame for the ruin of the CSU basketball program and think that the extension of his contract was the worst possible solution for finding new life in a destroyed program.

Has anyone else seen Will Number 1 on facebook? I'm not sure what it means, but I like it.

I think it is a shame, we, citizens of the United States, have to argue about issues such as in-state and out-of-state tuition. My friend, who is a member of the European Union, pays only $250 a year to attend GRADUATE school. This is the same price for any school in any of the 25 countries. What is going on?

Yesterday I was riding my skateboard to class when some psycho chick almost hit me on her bike … to all the people on bikes who think they're superior, watch out … next time I'm rolling right through you.

With all this Peeps talk I thought I would inform all of you about something cool. Put a peep in the microwave and it triples in size. It's a big quacker then. When it cools it's just a gooey Peep to eat.

To the dude who took his pants off and ran though the sprinklers outside of the rec. FYI, all that water is recycled. I didn't know running through toilet water was funny…

Um, perhaps you didn't get the memo but J-Lo glasses are out. Really they don't look good; they never did … is that my cell phone ringing?

To the Fort Collins Police Services officer who ticketed those RamRide students: Why can't civilians claim ignorance to the law, but the law can claim ignorance to civilian programs? You made FCPS look pretty stupid.

I'm all for school spirit, but "Ram the Vote" puts a bad picture in my head. (P.S. Vote Turd Sandwich!)

To the girl complaining about the hot guys not treating girls right: You should make an example by ignoring those jerks and instead, find some other hot, possibly non-frat-affiliated guys who would take the time to treat you right. You girls complain, but do nothing about it.

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