Apr 042005
Authors: Erin Tracy, Lila Hickey

2004 Election write-ins:

Stinky Whistleteats

Beer and Pizza


Homer Simpson

Mickey Mouse

White Chocolate

Werm Dogg

Bob Dole



Tommy Chong

Pete sucks

Pete sucks!

Need more candidates, more


Nick Paradise and Ryan Dichter do not have signs on the Lory Student Center Plaza or candy to hand out to students. What they do have is two dark suits and a determination to reach the student body.

Paradise and Dichter are running as write-in president and vice president candidates for the Associated Students of CSU elections that are taking place today through Wednesday. Paradise and Dichter are running against the Chris Hutchins/Nicholette Andrews and Courtney Stephens/Jon Muller tickets.

"We decided to run because a lot of the campaigns say this is what we want to do before they talk to the students," Paradise said. "We don't want to sit here and throw our ideas at a person without talking to the students."

Their campaign slogan is "Our plot is your plot."

One of the reasons for not having signs and campaigning the previous week is the annoyance factor, Dichter said.

"Hey, we haven't been out here all week annoying you," he said.

Other reasons for the small campaign were family issues and personal preference.

"Well, we were going to campaign, but Ryan had family problems related to health," Paradise said. "(And) we felt we could win without spending $2,000."

About $300 was spent on the campaign, mostly on T-shirts and fliers, he said.

Andrews said she is glad people are running as write-in candidates, because it gives students more of a selection of candidates.

"Every year there's more than four tickets that are running and this year there's only two," Andrews said.

ASCSU Elections Manger Brian Hardouin said candidates who want to run as write-ins are under the same stipulations the other candidates.

According to the ASCSU Referenda and Elections Code, write-in candidates must have filed a declaration of candidacy with the elections manager before the start of the voting period (April 4); attend a one-on-one election orientation session with the elections manager before the end of the voting period (April 6); have been found to be a full-time, fee-paying students; and submitted all required campaign finance-related materials to the elections manager by noon on the last day of voting.

Paradise and Dichter are at a disadvantage, because their name is not on the ballot, Hardouin said.

"It is always good, I think, to have a group from outside ASCSU," he said.

Some people have a lot of doubts about their chance of winning, Paradise said.

"I think either way we (will) get our name out there," Paradise said.

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