To the editor:

Apr 042005

In response to Dennis McDonough's letter on Monday, I would like to clarify a few things. First, I wasn't angry about merely being cited for my behavior. I was enraged about the blatantly disrespectful and unprofessional way that the officer chose to treat myself and the others with me, the details of which were left out of the article because they were beside the point.

When we choose to drink underage, we must confront the realities of that choice: It is breaking the law, and no matter what else you do, "a physically safe ride is not the same thing as a 'free ride' with the law," to quote McDonough.

But what makes me even angrier is having come up against one of the biggest double standards that exists in our society today. Even from the years in high school, through social groups and especially the media, underage drinking is encouraged and supported. But when the other shoe drops, that support disappears and suddenly individuals are left to deal with their own choices, as if they existed in a vacuum completely unaffected by the world around them.

I wouldn't have put my own name and the worst experience of my life in the paper for thousands of people to read about if I merely wanted to complain about getting screwed by "the Man." Giving others students a chance to learn from what I and others went through makes having my name published worth more than the flack I receive for it.

Stephanie Gibbs


Political Science

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