Apr 042005

Just to let everybody know the Society Opposing Forced Acronyms (S.O.F.A.) has issued fines to S.A.F.E.R. and both campaigns (P.E.D.R.O. and C.L.E.A.R.) for their use of forced acronyms.

Did anyone else notice that two of the contributing writers to the letter to the editor on April 4 bashing Ben Goldstein and ASCSU were two of the losing candidates last year? By the way, that was a poorly written letter for at least five obvious reasons.

Anyone else think it's totally wrong for illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition? I think they should help out the American citizens first… give our out-of-states in-state tuition before thinking up such a stupid idea. Oh, and let's copy California and give them driver's licenses too so they can vote next time! That will make things better!

So I have a question … if you mess up with white out, do you white it out?

To be "Cool" at CSU one needs to A) Sit in front of Clark after every class, B) Go to the rec at 4 p.m. wearing nothing, C) Go to every football game as hammered as possible and D) Have a Facebook account with at least 150 friends. I'll pass.

What's with those "college" T-shirts everyone is wearing?! It's like – Woo, go random college!

Have you seen the ridiculously large LCD TV in Lory? I am glad to see our hard-earned tuition dollars going to pay for stupid advertisements that no one watches. We should steal it and go watch basketball.

I will not raise my hand in agreement with the hating of the Peeps! Not only have Peeps become synonymous with Easter, and also spring, but they represent a whole era in pop culture. Peeps are awesome. That's all there is to it.

This is for the guy who thinks that women who save themselves for marriage are ugly. It will mean so much more when you're married than the 30 seconds of pleasure you're probably not getting now. It's such a turn-on, ladies, when you save yourself for marriage.


I really wish the headline on Friday would have read "Pot Reeferendum"

I do agree that Dale Layer is to blame for the ruin of the CSU basketball program, and think that the extension of his contract was the worst possible solution for finding new life in a destroyed program.

So today in the dinning hall the complementary mints were complementary colors! That is so hot when colors rock! -Art Nerd

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