Dear Collegian Editor,

Apr 042005

I am writing in response to the unfounded and harsh criticism of Ben Goldstein, vice president of Associated Students of CSU, at the hands of Ms. Burke and her friends. First of all, the elitist comment was completely out of line and the premise for the entire letter was ridiculous. I was involved in ASCSU elections for five years and nobody that even signed that letter ran what we call a "joke campaign." I should know, I ran against two of them and I ran campaigns against the rest.

"Joke Campaigns" run on platforms mandating hot professors, booze at Moby and of course the ever-famous pledge to extend Spring Break. They wear wigs, they hand out condoms telling people to pick the safe choice and they dress more like Snoop Dog than candidates for an office.

As for complaining about the spending limit, how much did you all spend on your campaigns? I know for a fact at least two of you spent more than $2,000 on your campaigns. So, are you really mad at Ben for making an innocent comment or are you mad that you spent all that money and all of you lost? None of you seemed to think that ASCSU was this great big stupid organization when you tried so passionately to be the leader of it.

So next time why don't you just ask Goldstein about a comment he's made before making assumptions and publicly questioning a good man's integrity. They won, you lost, get over it!



Brendan Burns

CSU Alumni

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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