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Authors: Courtney, Jon

Dear Students,


We want to take the time to introduce ourselves and inform you about our background, goals and vision for CSU's future! I, Courtney, began as an associate senator for the College of Liberal Arts and later became a fulltime senator and was recognized as the Most Outstanding Liberal Arts Senator. Currently, I serve as your director of community affairs, thus I am your lobbyist to the City Council, mayor, city manager's office, CSU administration and neighborhood groups.

Jon began in the Associated Students of CSU as an associate senator for the College of Liberal Arts. He then became a full-time senator and is currently the senior liberal arts senator. Jon sits on the Student Fee Review Board and attends Faculty Council meetings, to name a few of his responsibilities. We feel this is important information to know, as we are the most experienced ticket running for president and vice president.

Our platform is based on our campaign slogan, "The Choice is C.L.E.A.R." C-community, L-learning, E-experience, A-activities, R-rides. Some highlights from our platform include extensive lobbying to improve higher education funding, the removal of the three-unrelated ordinance from city codes and improvements to RamRide, including next-day trips back to your vehicle and priority rides for volunteers as well as volunteer incentives!

For a more extensive explanation of each category of our platform, please take a look at our brochure or Web site, www.courtneyandjonforcsu.com. In creating our platform, we consulted the student surveys and students around campus to ensure that it is a platform of and by the students of CSU.

Jon and I are committed to serving the student body, as we have done so for years and enjoyed every minute of it! We want all students to know that their opinions are welcomed by both of us, because we are here to serve you! We feel privileged and honored to have the chance to represent the more than 24,000 students who make CSU one of the most phenomenal public institutions in the United States.

In closing, when you vote on RAMweb today through Wednesday, we believe "The Choice is C.L.E.A.R."

Thank you, and GO RAMS!!!

Courtney Stephens is a senior political science major and Jon Muller is a senior English major.

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