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Authors: Chris, Nicholette

Experience. Dedication. Communication. Change. These four ideas describe what Chris and Nicholette will bring to CSU when elected. We are the only ticket that has the leadership qualities combined with new ideas that can feasibly improve the college experience for every student.

Chris is currently a senator for the College of Business and sits on the Associated Students of CSU Funding Board. What sets him apart from other candidates is his ability to see ASCSU from the inside and the outside. In past years, Chris has held leadership roles in his college and has worked with many leadership programs on campus and around the nation.

His running mate, Nicholette, has more ASCSU experience than any other candidate on the ballot. She is currently an assistant director for RamRide and has held numerous positions in both the executive and legislative branches of ASCSU. This ticket's unmatchable experience gives CSU the chance to responsibly undergo change by fostering a student government that is more representative of the students.

Our platform is characterized by the acronym P.E.D.R.O. Each letter represents a facet of our extensive range of ideas.

Starting with "Pride on Campus," we hope to foster a greater sense of community and Ram pride on campus by sustaining current traditions and creating new ones. "Effective Communication" expresses our goal to ensure that students are aware of the variety of programs ASCSU has to offer, as well as ensuring that those programs are truly reflective of what students want.

Through "Diversity Programming" we want to create dialogue on campus about topics related to the diversity issues that affect our campus, our nation and the world. "Responding to Student Needs" is the philosophy of our administration. We want to implement new programs like a free Denver International Airport shuttle and an online textbook exchange to lessen the burden of expensive textbooks, and bring larger concerts and events to campus on a regular basis.

Along with these new ideas we want to work hard to ensure that current successful programs such as RamRide and Positive Impact remain at the top of our agenda. "Optimizing Parking and Transportation" is a statement of our commitment to finding solutions to the problems students face with parking on campus and keeping Transfort an integral part of our community. This is just a glimpse at our comprehensive platform of ideas to improve life on our campus and bring positive change to ASCSU and CSU.

The path we must take to arrive at this new place begins with YOU. Your opinions and support are necessary for this operation to take place. So join us in our journey to create a university in which we can all look back and say, "I'm proud to be a CSU Ram!" Show us your RAM PRIDE by voting Chris and Nicholette on RAMweb today.

More information about our platform and us is available on our Web site, www.CSURamPride.com. We look forward to serving as your student body president and vice president next year. Thank you for your time and GO RAMS!

Chris Hutchins is a junior marketing major and Nicholette Andrews is a junior speech communications major.

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