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Authors: Justin Jarvis

Tim Thompson, a recently retired deputy chief of the National Forest System, and the Colorado State Forest Service were both recognized this week as a part of Natural Resources Days.

Natural Resources Days, which occurred Monday through today, is a celebration put on by the College of Natural Resources to recognize the value of Colorado's environment.

"The overall purpose of Natural Resource Days is to celebrate the spectacular resources in Colorado and to celebrate the people and programs in the college who are passionate about the future health of natural resources," said Joyce Berry, dean of the College of Natural Resources.

Berry presented Thompson with a plaque for his lifelong leadership and dedication to the health and sustainability of our nation's national forests.

Bill Wilcox, director of the Colorado State Forest Service, also accepted a plaque on behalf of the Colorado State Forest Service in recognition of its 50th anniversary.

A variety of student-planned activities took place on the Lory Student Center Plaza all week, including music by Head For the Hills, who played on the Plaza Monday.

"Everybody involved in our band is in Natural Resources. We definitely want to support the college of Natural Resources and their mission," said Matt Loewen, a Natural Resource student and Head For the Hills band member.

Today, 3 Peas will perform music as part of Natural Resources Days.

Jim Schmidt, a senior forestry major, said different clubs from the college came out during this week to explain what they do.

"It gives other students an understanding of what we do and what Natural Resources is all about," he said.

Natural Resources Days are a long-standing tradition of the College of Natural Resources, Berry said.

"It's one of our longest traditions. I think it started in the 1940s, when we had a tug-of-war with the engineering college and that led to more formal activities," she said.

The College of Natural Resources strives to be leaders in education and conservation of natural resources, Berry said.

"Our vision, overall, is to help create a better environmental world," Berry said. "Our mission is to provide excellence in teaching, research, and service that leads to conservation and enhancement of natural resources for well-being of natural and human communities."

Berry highlighted the distinctiveness of the College of Natural Resources.

"We are unique at this university, in the ways our programs affect natural resources worldwide," Berry said. "We want Natural Resource Days to give students a sense of how fortunate we all are to have the benefits natural resources provide. We are all concerned about getting a healthy future and it will take everybody's effort in our lives to accomplish that."

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