Mar 312005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Spring is in the air, and with the warming weather comes an inundation of pamphlets, trinkets and candy from the presidential/vice presidential candidates of the Associated Students of CSU.

Yes, ASCSU election time is here once again. Candidates have been competing for students' attention on campus all week, and they will continue doing so throughout the voting period, which starts Monday at 8 a.m. and ends on Wednesday.

Students can log onto their RAMweb accounts during normal operating hours to vote for the incoming president, vice president and senators of CSU.

While students may see the hype around elections as propaganda, it is important for everyone to let their voices be heard. ASCSU is the primary source of communication between students, faculty and administration as well as the community. The members of ASCSU work hard so that the students have a say in what goes on on university's campus and the Fort Collins community.

We encourage every student to participate in this year's elections. The winning candidates will be representatives of the student body; therefore, it is important to let them know how they can serve you.

Take the time out of your busy college schedules to learn about the candidates and their platforms. It is worth the effort to log on to RAMweb and vote. Then you'll know that you had a say in the leadership of the student body.

Remember, these future leaders will be representing YOUR views on issues directly affecting our campus and community. Learn about the candidates and VOTE!

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