Mar 302005
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Top Eleven Idolers

1. Amanda Berrian – senior, environmental health

2. Ariel Cagan – freshman, open option

3. Julie Davis – junior, music

4. Laura Epple – graduate, veterinary medicine

5. Jessica Hariman – freshman, open option

6. Danielle Jacobson – junior, political science

7. Veronica May – senior, music therapy

8. Mark Phipps – sophomore, open option

9. Sarah Stover – freshman, chemistry

10. Angel Wint – sophomore, music education

11. BreAnne Zigich – freshman, open option

At the start of the competition Friday there were 15, but now only 11 remain in the Associated-Students-of-CSU-sponsored CSU idol competition.

What seemed to work for some idol competitors was country music. Two of the top three that made it to the next round got there by singing country.

Amanda Berrian, a senior environmental health major, received the most votes for her performance of Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine." She started off her act by saying, "Listen up guys, because this is what a woman really wants," and ended by saying, "Got that guys?" Even the dean of the Liberal Arts College, Blane Harding, dubbed by the M.C. as the "Simon" of the judges said Barian's performance was,

"The best overall performance of the night."

Many of the girls who sang country seemed to receive the highest praise from the judges for using all of the stage and having good audience engagement.

Julie Davis, a junior music major, performed Gretchen Wilson's, "Red Neck Woman."

"The song was really high energy so that helped (engage the audience). I just tried to make eye contact a lot with the audience and smile a lot," Davis said.

Many of the CSU Idol competitors have a long history of stage performance and dream of one day becoming the next Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken.

Although CSU Idol may not include a record deal like the real "American Idol," the winner will receive free recording time with Kruger Audio Productions.

Angel Wint, a sophomore music education major and CSU Idol competitor, said she would find the studio time very useful in forwarding her music career.

"I'm working on my third independent album, so I'd probably use it (studio time), to fix up some of my songs," Wint said.

Wint wasn't the only singer/songwriter present at CSU Idol. Many of her fellow competitors donned guitars and sang their own songs. One such songstress was senior music therapy major Veronica May who sang a blues song she had written about a dream she had where she walked around with 2-inch feet and had three big teeth.

Other musical genres of the night included rock songs such as Rob Thomas's "3 a.m." and Toni's Braxton's love ballad, "Unbreak My Heart."

ASCSU coordinator Katherine Mangold felt the first night of CSU Idol turned out very smoothly.

"Things went really well," Mangold said. "We're really stoked about how the night went.

The remaining 11 will compete in Friday's competition in the Ramskeller at 7 p.m. Students who want to attend the event should be advised to show up early. Mangold said last Friday's event sold out and students were even turned away at the door.

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