Saving Silverman

Mar 292005
Authors: Laura Epple

Name: Jacob J. Silverman

Year in school: Junior

Positions: Halfback, Flyhalf, Wing

Majors: Civil Engineering & Asian Studies

Interesting Random Fact: Comes from Singapore


Half lion, half fish. It's a strange combination of animals that unite to symbolize the history behind Singapore, a city of constantly changing names and ways. The infamous Merilion incorporates the present name of the city, meaning "Lion City," with its previous name, "Temasek," meaning Sea Town.

"Half football, half soccer," said current flyhalf Jacob Silverman, describing the sport of rugby. "I like how it has the hard hits of football and the nonstop nature of soccer."

Silverman comes from Singapore and has played rugby for seven years, three of which have been for the CSU club team. When you think of the stereotypical rugby player, missing teeth, massive muscles, loudness, intensity and maybe a little obnoxiousness comes to mind. Scars-with-stories, risk-taking, thrill-seeking adrenaline driven, beer-chugging maniac, right?

Jacob Silverman's philosophy, the Wayne's World-ism to "live in the now," parallels this rugby state of mind. However, from here on out, the man with a frame no taller than 5-foot-6 diverges starkly from this unrefined stereotype. This may take root in the culture in which was raised, or in his ironclad relationship with his parents.

"I try not to pretend I'm someone that I am not," Silverman said. "What you see is what you get."

What you get is a self-described "understanding, determined, and friendly" civil engineering and asian studies double major, with a secret mania for Minesweeper.

"I'm really good," Silverman said. "It is how I calm myself down."

Silverman says that he is inspired by a motivation to make his parents happy.

"I don't want to disappoint them. To do right by my parents is my inspiration," Silverman said.

This steady influence has deterred Silverman from getting any ink work on his body.

"My father always said that a tattoo is a permanent record of a temporary feeling," he said, when asked if he would consider a tattoo or body art.

When he is not playing rugby or conquering Minesweeper, Silverman likes to listen to music by Creedence Clearwater Revival. He especially likes the song "Looking Out My Back Door." His favorite book is "The Odessey" by Homer and he likes watching "The Big Lebowski."

Silverman also likes to hang out at his house in his spare time.

"We have parties there a lot and it's always a good time," Silverman said. "The library is like my second home, but it is not my favorite place."

If he could travel anywhere, Silverman said that he would go to outer space, since he has traveled a lot of places on Earth. Silverman said that he has covered most of East Asia and the United States, but he would like to explore Europe if he has to stay in our atmosphere.

Superstitions do not take much precedence in Silverman's life, but he has one rugby ritual.

"At one point a shoelace broke on one of my cleats. Since then, I have always had one black and one white one," Silverman said.

If Silverman could have a super power, he would chose indestructibility and the power to regenerate himself, like Wolverine from the X-Men. This capability would come in handy on and off the rugby pitch.

Despite wanting X-Man characteristics, Silverman likes more classic cartoon characters. Tom and Jerry top his list of favorites.

Academically, Silverman's favorite class at CSU is "Wisdom of the East, Oriental Philosophy," taught by Peter McGoldick.

After his days of creating chaos on rugby pitches are over, Silverman said that he would like to use his double major to move back to Asia to work on infrastructure in third world countries. In this capacity, he will continue to build bridges between his many past experiences and future goals, defying stereotypes without pretense.







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