Mar 292005

Unhappy with the ASCSU Prez/VP tickets? On RAMweb on April 4, 5, and 6, under Prez/VP, write in: Rockin' Jimi Smith for Czar!

Parking Permit – $110.00.

Parking Violation – $17.00.

2nd Parking Violation – $17.00.

Knowing what CSU Parking Services does with everyone's money? Priceless.

All right, so we walked into The Suite 152, and my friend was wearing sweatpants, and they wouldn't let him in because of the dress code. Embargo on The Suite.

Is it wrong of me to think that Hilary Duff is really hot!?!

Meg Burd has always got something good to say. Her piece last Friday should've made everyone think about how history is written by the victor. Most news is the same way. I just watched "Control Room" and think it's something everyone needs to see before some news station tells you who your next "hero" will be.

I bet if you reached total enlightenment while drinking beer, it would make beer squirt out your nose. -Jack Handey

To the supposedly gorgeous girl who is saving herself for marriage: Just remember, sweetie, you are one in a million. Just because you are good-looking doesn't mean the rest of the people saving themselves are!

Save a tree, eat a beaver.

To all the bikini girls who hang out at the rec center hot tub: Leave. Everyone knows you don't really work out anyway. You like to think you do, but you don't. So let's make some room for the people who need it, mmkay?

To the person (female) who wrote, "frat guys are like fine wine": Don't reuse some e-mail joke originally about men in general, and make it look like you came up with some creative concept all by yourself. CSU has a strict plagiarism policy.

I like little animals. They taste good and their fur is warm.

There's nothing more permanent to one's legacy here at CSU than to leave a barf stain in front of the stairs in Clark C-wing second floor and have the janitor watch you puke, and then get mad at you when you ask how to clean it up and instead walk away wordlessly in disgust.

My goal this summer is to slowly kill off the random, yet massive, weeds growing in the middle of my back yard.

Way to go, Ryan Chapman! I appreciate your well-written, professional columns in this newspaper that tends to bring only the "other side" to the front line. Thanks for taking a stand! Are you single?

Whichever candidate offers me a T-shirt first gets my vote for ASCSU president.

Clearly you don't have to be a Democrat to kill people, since "Mr. Republican" himself, President Bush, is doing an outstanding job of killing people in Iraq. And as a Democrat, I will leave the killing to the Republicans, since they tend to support this war that has killed thousands of people already, including (*gasp*) children.

Everyone should check out www.ramratings.com and write comments about their professors so I can decide which classes/professors to take next semester! There are too many blank ones as of now!

To the moron who said that Toyota Priuses are ugly: My Prius is extremely cute, roomy and is a dream to drive. And let your wallet suck on this: My awesome Prius is getting 45 miles per gallon while your stupid SUV or whatnot is probably only getting 15.

"To the Hunter of Navs: You knock me out like David did Goliath. Psalm 112:6b"

To the annoying Republican who complained about the Kerry signs in Ingersoll and Edwards: I'll take down my sign when the annoying kids in Summit take their Bush signs down. Oh, and I'm not a freshmen, you dork.

To all the liberals offended by the comment about hygiene and fashion, you must know that it was implying that one could tell Democrats by their smart, sophisticated style and good smells being that most are concentrated in sexy cities like New York, Seattle and LA. Whereas you can tell Republicans by their coveralls and manure smells, being that they are all from Hicktown, Midwest.

Apparently having a good figure and being blonde are the best qualities women have to offer in a marriage.

Please people…quit the "Napolean Dynamite" quoting. It's no longer cool. You missed the fad you posers!!

What is so special about McDonald's special sauce? I'm pretty sure that it just tastes like Thousand Island dressing.

To the girl who wears the lip gloss, I could spot you!!

To all the feminists out there: I, being male, am also abhorred by the recent chauvinistic comments lately in RamTalk. But I think everyone just needs to relax; these are just stupid comments. Plus, all this stress and anger is making you a less attractive mate, and will probably hurt your chances for reproduction.

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