Mar 282005
Authors: Nate Ramos

After playing perfectly in its last five games, the CSU tennis team ended its streak with a loss to No. 22 BYU on Friday and another on Saturday to Utah.

But losing games to the Cougars and Utes were not the only losses the CSU tennis team underwent. The team also lost No. 1 singles player Dasha Zhurin and No. 3 Anne Anderson to injuries.

The first game on Thursday was CSU versus Utah State in Logan, Utah. The match began with Utah State taking the lead 1-0 after winning the doubles competition. But the Rams would battle back in singles action. The Rams continued their perfect stake by winning their singles matches. They would win 6-1.

The Rams would then travel from Logan to Provo, Utah to face off against BYU on Friday. The Rams started and finished the game on the wrong foot. They were not able to score in doubles or in singles competition and lost 7-0. But what ended up hurting the Rams was not starting out on the wrong foot, but an injured arm.

"We had to pull out No. 3 player Anne Anderson against BYU because her arm hurt," said head coach John Messick. "It was only a precaution as we did not want to risk her hurting it anymore."

After Provo the Rams journeyed to Salt Lake City to face Utah on Saturday. The match began with a set back with the injury of Zhurin.

"Dasha hurt her arm in doubles competition and everyone had to move up one spot from there on out," Messick said. "We thought it was going to be a tough match before the injury. Losing our number one player really hurt."

The tennis team adjusted their roster and reinserted an injured Anderson to battle Utah. The entire team moved down on the roster to face a different and harder opponent. The team fought hard, especially senior Alex Paganetti and junior Jessica Jones who won their singles matches, Messick said. The final score was 4-3.

Injured players Anderson and Zhurin were scheduled to meet with athletic trainers Monday. Their current condition is unknown but according to Messick, they will sit out a couple of practices as a precaution. They are expected to be back for their next game against Wyoming on Friday in Laramie. The Rams will also have games on Saturday and Sunday when they challenge New Mexico and Air Force in Laramie.

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