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Mar 282005
Authors: Collegian Editorial

It's been called many things before.

But "power hour" is nothing more than irresponsible binge drinking on the behalf of participants willing to succumb to peer pressure. "Power hour" is the attempt one makes at the stroke of midnight on his or her 21st birthday to consume 21 shots of hard liquor within the one to two hours that the bar remains open.

This supposed rite of passage into becoming an adult is nothing more than suicide, and North Dakota has decided to do something about it.

North Dakota is attempting to pass a bill to stop this from occurring by moving the time the new 21-year-old is allowed to drink from midnight to 3 a.m, which is after most bars have closed.

However nice this bill may be in theory, by simply moving the time back will do nothing to stop the "power hour" of reckless drinking from occurring. State legislators should not have to take preventative measures to ensure the safety of these birthday boys and girls. The people that should be responsible for preventing unnecessary deaths because of this should be the birthday celebrator and his/her friends.

Responsibility also lies on the shoulders of bartenders and liquor storeowners. Twenty-one shots shouldn't be served to any one individual within the course of an hour, and although friends may be buying them for the birthday boy or girl, bartenders should still keep their eyes open.

Passing this bill will only push back the "power hour" to the next night or even worse, be done that evening in private homes with no more supervision than other drunks.

Those who are of current legal drinking age or even those turning 21 soon who participate in this imbecilic form of recreation should be warned. Blacking out from being intoxicated on a night of what should be a celebration is nothing more than a full-fledged attempt to end up in the morgue. Happy Birthday!

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