Mar 272005

Ryan Chapman is right; Democrats need to stop killing innocent people. Thank

God Kerry isn't president, who knows what could have happened!

Finally a breath of fresh air! Thank you, Ryan Chapman, for giving a voice of reason away from the incessant Republican ridicule the Collegian thrives on.

We should take all the food that Ryan Chapman eats and give it to Terri Schiavo. She's probably smarter than he is even though she's brain-dead.

If you are unhappy with your girlfriend, BREAK UP WITH HER. I know you want to spare her feelings getting hurt, but you are wasting valuable time. College only lasts a few short years. Wake up and realize what is right in front of your face!!

A message from my dog, COKe, to God "Are their mailmen in Heaven? If there are, will I have to apologize? Yours, COKe."

Sometimes the rec center plays the most random music. One minute it's The Game featuring 50 Cent, and then this heavy metal power ballad from the '80s comes on. It kind of hinders my rhythm when I'm on the treadmill in the middle of running my fifth mile … yeah.

* To the boy who commented on pro-life, saving-themselves-for-marriage women; Have you every thought that they say this so they don't have to sleep with YOU?? Stop being a sore loser because you can't get any.

~From two, sexy, pro-life, marriage-waiting women

* To the jerks who ate all my birthday cake: Seeing as I only got one piece before you a-holes stole it and ate it all, I don't even want the container anymore. What kind of people steal someone's birthday cake and polish it all off without the birthday boy?

* Shouts out to all of you who can actually finish the crossword and who don't blame the writer for making it too hard when you can't … True college material! And I think Andrew Cundiff is sexy!

* I love Sullivan's and their waitresses!! Officially the unofficial hottest wait-staff this side of the Mississippi.

* My teacher used the word "anal" today and it made me laugh.


* How come girls go out with jerks but give no love to the Irish?

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