Mar 272005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Having not seen the first "Miss Congeniality" may have had some sort of impact on understanding the sequel, although if the first was anything like the second it's probably not essential that either ever grace the likes of any DVD collection anytime soon.

In the first one, Sandra Bullock played the role of Gracie Hart, a bumbling FBI agent with a snort and a knack for detective work. When a serial killer's next target is discovered to be a contestant in the Miss United States beauty pageant, the feds decide they need an inside agent and Gracie is the only one suited for the job. Not only do they thwart the killer's plans, but Gracie ends up placing second in the pageant, giving her far too much recognition for an undercover FBI agent to go unnoticed in public and here is where "Miss Congeniality 2" walks through the door.

Gracie is back again, only this time with a whole new set of instructions and a whole new set of problems. Not only has Miss United States been captured in Las Vegas, but so has her manager Stan played by William Shatner. Seeing as how she's too widely known to go undercover and solve the case, the big bosses ask her to become the new front-woman of the FBI and give the agency a whole new look. At first Miss Hart is a little reluctant to become the new FBI-Barbie, but eventually, she grasps the role and becomes a bit too obsessed with it. Since racial humor seemed to be the topic of this weekend's releases, Director John Pasquin couldn't help but add Regina King into the mix. King plays the role of Gracie's bodyguard Sam Fuller – a tough black lady with an attitude intimidating enough to make Arnold wet the bed. Watch out guys, never call her sister or you'll have a brand new bunch of bruises when you come to in the emergency room.

"Miss Congeniality 2" is not only is cheesy, stupid and silly, but it knows it and bathes in the fact that it just doesn't care if people think so. Every single event in the flick is predictable and enough to make you hang your head in embarrassment. Bullock's performance isn't special and is not one to remember, neither is King's, with some of the most ridiculously unbelievable dialogue to boot. If a decent cop comedy and mystery sequel are in the works for your evening, then head over to your local rental store a pick up a copy of "Another Stakeout," Emilio Estevez is tops. Girlfriends: please spare your boy's life, let him stay home. Boyfriends: run as fast as you can.

1 out of 4

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