Mar 242005
Authors: Anne Farrell

Many people meet their future spouses in college, and for some people one of the deciding factors is whether they share similar religious beliefs.

"If you worry too much it will be hard to find someone with similar beliefs," said Kendra Hovelson, a freshman food science and human nutrition major. "You are searching for it rather than God putting it in your life."

Some people attend different young-adult groups offered through various Fort Collins churches.

Flip the Switch, Timberline Church's Young Adult ministry, meets Fridays at 7 p.m.

"Sometimes people get involved in relationships for superficial things. I believe that when two people get involved through the church they are getting involved with someone who has the same interests they do," said Pastor Reza Zadeh, leader of the young-adult and student ministry at Timberline.

The Rock is also a Christian church that offers a young-adult service at 7:24 p.m. on Fridays. The Rock is specifically formatted with singles and college students in mind.

The Rock is associated with Summitville Community Church, a nondenominational Biblical church, designed to "revolutionize church," according to the church's Web site. The Rock combines service with small group meetings and allows students to meet and grow relationships while simultaneously exploring the Bible.

If students do not have time to go to a young-adult group, they have the option of surfing the Internet for a companion with similar religious beliefs.

The Web site boasts "More marriages per match than any online dating service." It makes matches based on compatibility and allows users to find others with their same belief systems.

If people are still interested in finding love online after their student days are behind them, they still have options. is a Web site that offers a noncommittal approach to dating. It allows interested singles to apply and have their results scanned for those who meet their standards. However, this site is not open to students or anyone younger than 25.

While online services are a feasible option, many may not be daring enough to try them and prefer the old fashioned form of dating: face-to-face.

"If you're going to meet someone really good it's just going to happen," said Blair Steinwand, freshman biology major. "It's in God's hands instead of mine."

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