Mar 242005

Who wants Homer Simpson to be your representative?

Unless the Associated Students of CSU finds some more candidates for the senate, he the best man for the job.

As of printing, the upcoming ASCSU elections are drastically short of candidates for next year's senate – there even aren't candidates for some of the seats. ASCSU had decided to count on write-in candidates, but following a story published in the Collegian students have stepped up to the plate and want to get involved. Depending on write-in candidates leaves positions on senate open for made-up individuals, such as one of last year's write-ins, Homer Simpson.

There was a meeting Thursday night to begin the decision process to extend the deadline to 5 p.m. Monday.

Obviously, if there are not enough candidates for each senatorial position, the deadline must be extended. There is no other acceptable way to put a senator in power other than popular vote of the students. ASCSU is a representation of the CSU student body as a whole and students must have power to choose who speaks for them. Counting on write-ins is undependable and could lead to Homer Simpson or Mickey Mouse being your representative.

There are probably many excuses as to why there was a lack of candidates for this year's election. But ASCSU did a poor job of getting word out, and many students probably had no idea that the deadline for becoming a candidate had passed. There should have been a more active advertising campaign to inform students.

So, those interested in becoming senators should still be given the chance to sign up. Otherwise, Bob Dole and Elvis might be handling changes to your student fees next year.

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