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Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Annie Quinn

Number: 13

Year: Freshman

Sport: Water Polo

Position: Driver-player who often swims the most and changes positions several times during a single play. Actually contributes to execution of plays and most often scores the most points for any team. Also known as a wing.

Interesting Random Fact: Last name means "chief" in Irish Gaelic

Imagine an unlikely chimera of sports, blending hockey with handball, soccer, basketball, football, and throw some quidditch in there for Harry Potter fans. Now move this interesting dynamic into at least 1.8 meters of water, and the result is water polo.

Similarly, fuse together a persona that enjoys the mellowness of Doris Day movies, the cartoon character Arthur, and Jane Austin novels such as "Pride and Prejudice" with an irritation for slow drivers in the fast lane. Add a zany propensity for being 15 minutes early to everything and you get freshman phenom driver Annie Quinn.

Quinn began playing water polo in seventh grade and has since treaded her way to the helm of the CSU team. She has scored a team-high 12 goals so far this season and is coming off of her fourth hat-trick performance in the Claremont College Tournament against Occidental. Quinn has also tied the school record of four goals in a game twice this season. And she is only a freshman.

At Skyline High School in Salt Lake City, Quinn was named all-conference second team in her sophomore year, and first team as a junior and senior. She was also selected as a second team All-American as a senior and was captain of the team in both her junior and senior seasons.

"Annie is really aggressive and really on top of things. She looks like the sweetest girl, but when she is playing she gets really competitive and in game mode," said friend Alison Taylor. "It is really funny to see that switch happen."

Quinn describes her playing style as aggressive, defensive and from the heart.

"It is really fun to travel and be able to have these experiences," Quinn said of water polo. "I really love it. It is so unique."

Quinn starts alongside three other freshmen on a team of seven players.

"By the time we are seniors, we will be unstoppable," she said.

Since water polo is primarily played in California and in New England, Quinn spends a lot of time in transit to games. However, when she is in Fort Collins and not in the pool she finds ways to entertain herself.

"I enjoy being dry. I like hanging out with friends at Coldstone Creamery, going shopping and drying my hair!" she said.

Quinn also likes playing a wide repertoire of musical instruments when she gets the chance. She can play the piano, clarinet, recorder, a little guitar and loves listening to pretty much any kind of music.

If she could have a superpower, Quinn would trade in her flippers for a set of wings.

"I have always wanted to fly," Quinn said.

Academically, Quinn is a speech communication major at CSU and has aspirations of eventually attending law school. This type of profession would be a good fit to employ Quinn's hybrid character of assertive leadership, energy and punctuality that she is developing as a student-athlete.

In the meantime, Quinn and the team will be gearing up for the Fluid Five Tournament taking place on April 2-3 where they will face Michigan, Indiana State, San Jose State and California-Davis.

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