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Mar 222005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Terri Schiavo told her husband about her final wishes in the event of life support, but apparently telling her husband was not a big enough step to have her wishes granted. Many people are not thrilled to think about their final breaths of life, but as the controversy surrounding her right to live/die unfolds we need to start thinking about our decisions regarding life support.

Age is not indicative of death, because anyone can be involved in a life-threatening accident at any time. We should tell many people about our preferences regarding life-support situations. This could prevent potential friction and anguish for loved ones.

The Schiavo case has made its way through the court system. The situation would not have escalated to this level if there was written proof of Schiavo's wishes. Filing a legal will with a lawyer is the most official proof of personal wishes. People can even write several copies of wishes and giving them to loved ones would be helpful. This is not as official, but it is more proof than a heated battle.

After writing out any decisions, people should take the initiative to discuss their choice. Every effort to make the choice clear is necessary. Losing a loved one is tough enough, but developing enemies in a fight about when they should die should not be added to the pain.

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