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Mar 212005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Let's say you have cooked up a scrumptious meal on a special night and you realize you need something to complement it perfectly, such as a bottle of wine. So you journey to the liquor store and your head starts spinning while surveying the mountainous shelves of wine lining the walls.

Red or white? Shiraz or Merlot? The one with the kangaroo on the label or the grapevine and fancy letters? Wouldn't it just be perfect if you could take a little sip and then decide?

If a bill that is being tested in Denver passes, liquor stores in Colorado would have the choice of sampling their products before selling them, and then your problem would be solved.

The bill allows customers to taste 1 ounce of beer or wine or .5 ounces of spirits or liquor before they buy the a six-pack or bottle. So instead of dropping money on a bottle of wine that doesn't taste good or a beer that tastes more like tar than an ice-cold refreshment, people can buy what they know tastes good.

There is nothing better than sampling food at grocery stores that set out tables on the weekends. The stores sell more and the customers are happier. Why shouldn't liquor stores be able to share the same luxury?

As long as the decision to have samples and who to give them to remains in the hands of liquor-store owners, and they make sure customers drink small amounts responsibly, this bill will be beneficial to all.

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