To the editor:

Mar 202005

I was excited to see on RamWeb over Spring Break that the Fall 2005 schedule has been posted. It gives us all a chance to check on when courses will be offered and how we can plan for finishing our degrees in a timely manner. I had written down all of the classes I knew I would need during that term and began searching for their times on the schedule.

I was glad to see that all of the classes I needed were going to be offered. However, some things puzzled me. Every class on my list was given only one session. I feel lucky that none of the sections I need are offered at the same time as something else or I would have had to wait another semester to take it. Or so I would hope.

I happen to be a watershed science major, and all of the classes I need for graduation are not only offered in only one section, but they are offered only in the spring or the fall. So, if I were, for some reason, unable to take a particular class in the fall, I could not take it in the following spring. It would have to wait until the next fall. And let's not forget that most of these classes are prerequisites for the next year's classes. In reality, by missing a single class in a single semester, I am effectively postponing my graduation a full year.

Another thing that puzzles me is the number of seats offered in each of those sections. Obviously there are certain classes that I am required to take in order to fulfill my degree requirements. The administration should know how many students are expected to enroll in them, especially if it is known how many students are pursuing a particular major. Why, then, are there so few seats available?

It would seem to me that a bit more flexibility in class offerings should be available. The administration has made it difficult for everyone to enroll in each of their classes when they need it. When you consider the additional fees collected for many of our classes, the funding should certainly be available for extra sections.

Jason Lutz


Watershed Science Major

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