Mar 202005
Authors: Nate Ramos

While many people worked on improving their tans over Spring Break, the CSU tennis team worked on improving its record to 8-2 in Las Vegas.

"Over Spring Break we all did really well, we won all our matches, and we played really well as a team," said junior Jessica Jones.

One of the things that hurt the Rams' ability to play consistently this season has been a spread-out schedule, said senior team captain Dasha Zhurin.

"It helps the more matches you play, you get more consistent, everything starts to flow better," said sophomore Emily Kirchem.

The Rams' first game took place on Monday against Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Throughout the game, the Rams dominated by not allowing any singles matches to go into three sets. The closest game was in doubles competition, in which Zhurin and Kirchem defeated Heather Harding and Amber Murdock 8-6.

The second game of the week was versus Southern Utah. The Rams continued their perfect play and did not allow a third set in singles competition. In doubles play, CSU's closest game was senior Alex Paganetti and junior Jasmin Singh versus Southern Utah's Lisseth Hoyos and Casie Brooks with a 8-6 CSU win.

Looking to continue their winning streak, the Rams next faced off against Idaho State. Much like Wisconsin-Green Bay and Southern Utah, Idaho was unable to force the Rams to a third set in singles play. But unlike the other teams, the most they scored in any doubles match was three points.

Thursday the Rams challenged their last opponent of the week, Bradley. Singles was the Rams' strength once again as they prevented a third set in all their matches. In doubles competition, CSU went into extra play as Kirchem and Zhurin defeated Bradley's Elise Montrose and Ashley Morris 9-7.

Although the weekend was statistically easy for the Rams, not all teams went down easily.

"Our last match was probably the closest as far as the strength of the team," Kirchem said. "But (the statistics) pretty much shows how the matches went."

Perhaps one of the reasons why the tennis team did well was the players' attitude walking into the game.

"We knew the teams weren't as good and we expected to win," Jones said. "We were a lot better then them. But we still had to play well to beat them as bad as we did."

By winning all its games in Las Vegas, the tennis team improved its winning streak to six games. CSU's next game will be against Utah State on Thursday in Logan, Utah.

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