Mar 202005

* This column used to rule when it first hit, but now look at all the stupid fights in it. Honestly, how many of us want to read about the ongoing feud between Greeks and non-Greeks, proud Americans and postmodern Americans or anyone else who retaliates to a comment in here?

This is in response to the guy who wrote about the 50 hot babes in some BN class (March 9). What is "money town"? Are you saying that a lot of hot babes is like a lot of money? That's awesome. Being a woman myself, I really can't think of anything better to be compared to. I mean, honestly, who doesn't want to be compared to money?

Leave it to an English major to decide to agree with a man about the theory of women's brains. That's all it is – theory. There is no science!

* To the guy who plays the trombone at the intramural basketball games for Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity: You are the coolest. You don't even know!!

* Thanks to the person who solved the Grape Nuts cereal mystery for me. Now my life is complete.

* Guys nicknamed "Pooky" are hot.

* Blockbuster is the McDonald's of movie rentals. That's why I abuse NETFLIX!

* My favorite time of the semester is interview time in the construction management department, since the boys come to class all dressed up in their suits. Lookin' good, boys!

* To the budding chemist who would mix his own hooch! Careful there, buddy, you might wind up with methanol instead of ethanol. Methanol ingestion may cause blindness (10 ml consumption), liver damage and possibly death (0.5ml/Kg). Not a good idea…

* Garbage kills bears.

* What's with these guys wearing their pants halfway off? The crotch is down between their knees. What is this – a boxers or briefs survey? A future plumbers of America, carpenter's crack convention? It looks a little silly, guys. Pull your pants up.

* Fran stands for filthy retarded aliens who are not clean and evil.

* This is for all the ladies who work over at the math mods. I'm not a piece of meat and I would appreciate it if you stopped looking at me like I was. Except for the brunette, she can look all she wants.

* Today I saw some hot squirrel-on-squirrel action outside of Braiden.

* I don't want to get a parking ticket, but there's a train blocking my way, what do I do? I'm taking a collection for the fee. Help!

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