Mar 202005
Authors: Collegian Staff

Over Spring Break, 14-year-old musical prodigy and former CSU student Brandenn Bremmer committed suicide.

He will add to the approximately 30,000 individuals who commit suicide every year in the United States.

The next person could be your best friend, a family member or a roommate, so it is essential for people to be aware of suicide warning signs and preventive actions.

Suicide warning signs include a person changing eating and sleeping patterns, altering behavior or appearance, losing enjoyment in usual activities, talking about death, giving away possessions, engaging in risky behavior, using drugs or alcohol, making a suicide plan, and increasing feelings of irritability or sadness.

But the biggest sign is asking for help.

According to the University Counseling Center, the first step when someone mentions suicide is to listen. The second step is to ask the person directly if he or she is considering suicide. This helps to gauge how serious the suicide threat may be. The final step is to take action and call someone for help. If the situation is immediate don't hesitate to call 911. If it is not an immediate threat, people should call one of the following numbers:

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE

University Counseling Center: 491-6053

Connections, Larimer Center for Mental Health: 221-2114; after hours: 221-5551

Roadhouse Helpline Crisis and Information Center: 491-5744

Suicide Resource Center of Larimer County: 635-9301

Colorado Helpline: 211

There is help out there for those considering suicide, and those who know someone who is suicidal.

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