Mar 172005
Authors: Cari Merrill

Not all CSU students are hitting the road and cruising out of Fort Collins for Spring Break.

Students staying in the residence halls can expect a very quiet week around campus.

With an estimated 20 students staying per residence hall, students living on campus over break will see more security personnel than fellow students, said Guy Arnesen, associate director of Housing and Dining Services. There will be a noticeable presence of office managers, security personnel and CSU Police Department officers roaming the halls.

Technically, all the residence halls on campus are closed for the break. This means students can stay in their rooms, but the halls will not be open to the public, Arnesen said.

"We will still have staff in the building," he said. "The desks in the halls are still open for selected times during the day."

Students have been asked to let the front desk of their residence hall know if they plan on sticking around over break, Arnesen said.

"It's a safety and security thing. We need to know who is in the building," he said.

"My RA (resident assistant) came by and asked everyone if they were going to stay in the dorms and he checked off the days that you are," said Brent Berger, a freshman physics major.

Since the halls are technically closed, dining centers will also be closed, leaving students to fend for themselves regarding meals.

Students have different reasons for staying in Fort Collins over break. Berger feels he will get more accomplished by staying in Fort Collins than if he were to go home.

"I have a lot of homework to do. If I go home, I won't get that done," Berger said. "Plus, most of my friends are not going to be on break so I'll be the only one there."

Along with residence halls closing, sorority houses around campus will be officially closed as well.

"One of the main reasons is because, in order for the house to be open, we have to have our house director present," said Erin Warner, president of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. "Our (executive) board has to be here just for liability and in case anything should happen, we need to have some sort of organization here."

While students can still stay in the residence halls, the 46 girls of Pi Beta Phi must vacate the house by Sunday. The codes are taken off the doors and security alarms are set, Warner said.

"It's mostly a security issue for break-ins," Warner said. "Because you would obviously do the same thing with your private home if you were on vacation."

Even though sorority houses will lock their doors, fraternity houses will remain open.

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