Mar 092005

Physics is like eating a gallon of glue, and then rolling in a bed of nails, and then like … putting pencils in your eyes.

There's this really beautiful girl in one of my classes. Yeah, she doesn't know I exist.

To the lady in the 4-inch spike heels, how do you justify walking around campus in shoes you wouldn't even wear for a 10-minute walk to campus?

Crazy Girl from POCC 232 Replies: I am proud to be an American. My family is full of Vets and I am a member of the American Legion Post 119. Just because I don't conform to conservative views doesn't make me anti-American.

Oooh, oooh, I know why it's called Grape Nuts!� It's made of natural sugar found in grapes and when it is toasted it gains a nutty taste.� Yes, I DO watch The Food Channel too much … why?

If I saw a duck wearing pants I would have to shake his flipper.

Is anyone else waiting for RamTalk to blow up in its own face???

The buffet of samples plus sampling from the bins at Whole Foods is AWESOME. Careful, a very large woman once looked upset as I was sampling a date and called an employee over, who "yelled" at me to soothe her.

Trapped in a newspaper factory, send help!

Guys need to work on their legs when lifting weights. When all they do is work on their upper body I think they end up looking like an orange with two toothpicks stuck in the bottom about to fall over any minute.

For everyone who is at the recreation center on the cardio equipment in front of me: Please stop farting when I am right behind you. All I ask is that you get off the machine and squeak one out in the corner … or aim it somewhere else. THANK YOU!

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