Mar 082005
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Matthew Kirk Williams

Height: 6'6"

Position: Forward

Number: 42

Random Fact: Comes from Temple, Texas


Think clutch player: Consistency. Smart, split-second decisions. Calm, cool composure. Think buzzer-beater shots and sinking free throws with no time on the clock or snagging a vital rebound in a game's waning seconds. Think senior forward Matt Williams.

"Dub City," as fellow teammates refer to him, has scored 47 points this season in the last five minutes of games. He can also play pretty well in the first 35 minutes; he has contributed 11.9 points per game on the year and is ranked eighth in CSU record books with his 53 percent field-goal percentage.

Williams is ranked fifth in the Mountain West Conference in free-throw percentage, has accumulated a field-goal percentage of over 50 percent in 15-of-21 games, and has grabbed five or more rebounds in 10-of-21 games. These efforts recently earned him second-team honorable mention in the MWC.

Teammate Frank Robinson describes Williams as aggressive, not afraid and straight to the point. He also said that Williams is "goofy-good goofy, though, not bad goofy. He's a funny guy."

Williams sees himself as energetic, athletic and tough on the court-characteristics that also infuse his preferences off the court.

For instance, toughness thrives in "Braveheart," Williams' flick of choice, and energetic athleticism pervades the pages of his favorite book, "The Cowboys," a story chronicling the Dallas Cowboys.

Williams enjoys music by the band Jagged Edge, and specifically likes the song "Walked Outta Heaven."

Williams does have a softer side when it comes to his family, though. He misses his mom's fajitas and watching his niece and nephew grow up back in Texas. When he has a little free time, he likes hanging out with his girlfriend.

"I should probably say that I like to study in my free time," Williams said. "My mom would like that. But I can't lie."

When Williams does have to study, he enjoys his Abnormal Psychology class the most.

"It's a fun class and I get to learn what is wrong with me," Williams said.

Williams also describes himself as a solid Christian and said that he would get a tattoo of a cross in the middle of his back if he were to invest in some body art.

When it comes to secret talents, Williams is pretty much an open book.

"All I've ever done was ball. I would like to be musical, but I can't sing or play anything and I am tone-deaf," Williams said.

Given this combination of attributes, it is probably good that Williams isn't planning on quitting his day job. Of his future aspirations, he said, "I would like to go overseas and play ball."

In the near future, however, Williams and his teammates will be focusing their energies on the upcoming MWC Tournament. For Williams it could be his last game as a Ram. If the Rams can knock off the top-seeded Utah Utes, then he will keep playing. Down-to-the-wire dunks, last-ditch efforts and clutch situations are sure to await teams in the conference. However, these are just normal challenges in a day of Dub City life.

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