To the Editor:

Mar 082005

I would like to thank the Collegian for bringing up two very important bills this past week that are related to reproductive freedom.

First the Child Custody Protection Act, which makes it illegal to move a minor across state lines to avoid abortion parental-consent laws. Not every young woman can talk to her parents about such a private issue as an unintended pregnancy. So how does this affect women and men over 18, for example at CSU?

First, it chips away at reproductive freedom, adding more regulations, making it harder to receive an abortion. Second, it tries to govern morality. Just because the Republicans in the Senate trust that their daughters would tell them their most private problems does not mean that will be the case across America. What other moral decisions would you like the government to make for you? Finally, teen pregnancy will increase, increasing high school dropout rates and creating more need for welfare, which we pay for.

The second bill discusses access to emergency contraceptives (EC). By requiring hospitals to inform victims of sexual assault about EC is expected to bring down the number of unwanted pregnancies by up to 88 percent. The Colorado government should definitely support this and help these women. This issue will certainly affect people of college age and is a step in the right direction to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

I believe that prevention is always better than receiving an abortion or even using EC. However, I realize that is not always possible, and in these situations these services need to be available.


Annie Morris


Equine science major

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To the editor:

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Mar 082005

I am writing to express great concern with an article about the panty thefts at Allison Hall. Natasha Grunden effectively convicted Ryan Martinez of the crime he is accused of, by saying in her lead that the case has been solved, and further down in the story by calling Erin Raney a "victim." The last time I checked, people in this country are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Any journalist, professional or not, should know better. This kind of sloppy reporting is inexcusable.

Amanda Arthur

2000 graduate

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