Mar 072005

I love a free meal… my favorite is the buffet of samples at Whole Foods!

To the proud American in PO 232: Some of us love our country so much, we can't stand to watch it wallow in a cesspool of ignorance.

I enjoy the numerous recent articles updating the students on the CSU golf teams this season. Golf is like Roger Dangerfield. It gets no respect.

Have no friends? Under 21 and can't buy your own booze? Join a frat.

I think it's funny that all the hippies on campus think they're cool when they don't wear shoes … I just can't wait to see one of them step on some gum … tee hee hee …

They call it Grape Nuts Cereal but there are no grapes and no nuts. What is the deal?

What's up with the recent array of Helmet Heads? Seriously guys, the two-toned hairstyle has got to go, especially when it makes a perfect circle around your head. If you are trying to be metro, it's not working.

Tattoos are sooo sexy! It's awesome body art and a great way to express yourself. Guys with sleeved arms- you're hot and I love your individual desire to express your permanent passion for art.

Has anyone seen the Burger King commercial for the Chicken Cheddar Ranch Commercial with the guy singing dressed like a ghetto fabulous cowboy? Is that Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish? It sure looks like him!

This is in regards to the geeky grammarian's rant on Friday: While I too would appreciate it if our college newspaper knew how to spell, amuck is a variant of amok and Merriam-Webster agrees. Sincerely, one pedantic speller who would appreciate accurate rants.

To the feminist appearing in Monday's RamTalk: Shut up and make me a pie!

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