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Mar 072005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Stealing panties – it sounds pretty funny and makes for countless jokes, but for the many women whose underwear was stolen from laundry rooms in Allison Hall, it may not be funny at all.

While it may not bother some, thinking about someone of the opposite sex keeping a pair of the most personal of clothing as a trophy or collector's item may really upset others.

Whatever the motives – to be funny, perverted or for a simple thrill, there is obviously some reason behind the 200-plus acts. While it may have been an innocent prank, the women missing their undergarments probably didn't think so. Instead of laughing, many of these women may have felt violated, their privacy invaded.

Women on campus have many crimes to fear, including sexual assault, stalking and rape. They don't need to worry about leaving their laundry unattended.

In addition, after they got their underwear stolen, the women were asked to claim their underwear from a cafeteria table full of the stolen items, thus re-victimizing the women and publicly embarrassing them.

So if you know someone – your roommate, a friend – who is doing something that you may think is a victimless crime, understand that it may not be and tell someone about it.

Next time it could be your undergarments.

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